Saturday, March 12, 2005

Kam Tong Garden

For Saturday's evening meal we went to the Kam Tong Garden Chinese Restaurant in Milton Keynes. Our journey there was somewhat eventful - or at least catching a ride there.

Jayne had booked an 16-seater mini bus to take us to the Restaurant from the Hotel - but the first transport to arrive was an 8-seater taxi - there were nine of us - but we started to cram in anyway. Then Jayne said to the aisan driver "I don't believe that you are insured to carry 9 people in there" so we all started to pile out. Then it turned out that this taxi guy wasn't the guy that she had booked after all, so some other guests took this taxi instead.

Then another multi-seater taxi showed up and the driver says 6 in here and another 3 in the car following. But Jayne was insistent that she had booked a mini bus so everyone got in and out of the cars again.

Then finally the mini bus turned up and we all got in and were off. Why all the other taxis and the mess? Well these other taxi companies were companies that Jayne had contacted for quotes, but they had never got back and confirmed the details with her. Their loss I guess - but as they weren't able to supply our exact requirements, then fool on them.

Our Menu:

Hors D'oeuvres

Satay Chicken
Tiger King Prawns
Capital Ribs
Prawn Toast
Spring Roll


Szechuan Aromatic Duck with Mongolian Lamb served with salad, pancakes and Hoi-Sin Sauce


Baked Lobster and King Prawns (in shell) in peppercorn salt


The Main Course:

Yum Yum Bird's Nest (stir-fried spicy beef with vegetables)
Steamed Sea Bass with Spring Onion and Ginger
Chili Pork Peking Style
Sizzling Beef and Chicken fillet in Black Bean Sauce
Sweet and Sour King Prawns
Special Lotus Leaf wrapped Rice
Fillet Chicken with Lemon Sauce


Ice cream or fresh fruit salad


Coffee and mints


Jayne serving up our first course:

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