Saturday, March 12, 2005

The Country Cross Stitcher - Stash Experience

Just down the road from the hotel was a needlework shop called The Country Cross Stitcher.

Jayne had given us all tempting £7.50 vouchers to spend in the shop and also had arranged late opening and a 10% discount with the owners. I was very good. I only bought what I needed, a packet of needles (I can't believe that I'd only brought one needle with me on this trip) a new pair or scissors (the kitchen scissors I were using didn't have a fine enough point for cutting the embroidery threads), a daylight bulb (I've lost my own lamp), a square clasp frame and my only little excess and a treat I allowed myself was a Mirabilia Chart of The Mermaid Queen (left).

I was mildly amused by watching the staff in the shop - the poor lady was literally run off her feet - kitting up this design for one person - kitting up that design for another person, and her husband just stood there watching, unable to help. He said he helped out in the shop by doing a little hoovering and cleaning - but he was a complete novice to cross stitch and stitching so didn't know what any of the stocks were or were located. After admiring all the stitched models hanging on the walls of the shop, I left the shop early with my new stash to give the others a little more space.

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