Friday, March 18, 2005

St Patrick's Day

Yeah! My (sorely won) hat:
[Maybe it's sacreledge to take a picture of it stuck on my egyptian lady statue's head, I think she's supposed to be Cleopatra - did Cleopatra ever go out on pub crawls? She probably never got up to my antics anyway.]

Many of the pubs in Penzance were doing a promotion on Guinness today, including the Weatherspoons. So that's where me and my friends met up. I started off the night with an Irish Stew, and then started with the real juice.

You had to drink 5 pints before you got a hat and 4 badges. We were pooling our tokens by the time we left the Weatherspoons we had two hats and loads of tokens, because the Weatherspoons had run out of them.

We cleared out The Star pub too of Hats and then went down to the Crown. You should have seen the look on people's faces when we all walked in wearing those ridiculous hats - they had them behind the bar too, but no one was wearing them in there!

In the end we ended up in The Longboat Hotel doing Kareoke with Hats:

Apologies for the bad picture quality, but this is from a movie file taken on one of our friends' phones. I didn't think it had sound at first.... but unfortunately this morning I discovered differently.... [shudder]

After leaving the Longboat the last few of us went night clubbing..... I can remember one of my friends falling over twice, and I was spinning around (a 'la Kylie Minogue?) like a 10 year old on the poles on the dancefloor! lol

I didn't get home till three.... and ouch! the headache the next day.

Damn that Guinness !


si said...

seeing im the stuntman who fell over twice and ive been made famous by your blog, do i get royalties?

Vash said...

Well, I don't think me and Emma area going to be earning any pennies from our singing efforts.... so errr NO!

si said...

thought you were material girls. obviously falling for the wrong women.

Vash said...

Just been out with your housemate, apparently as well as falling over, you could even see the tarot cards you tried to read for me, neither could get up for work the next day. I did.

si said...

OK Vash you win. I guess the moral of the story is never tell you housemate anything :-)

si said...

Vash, avid reader of your blog. Cant wait for your report on the Alex beer fest. Make sure you include the lampost incident. "A la lylie minogue"