Friday, March 25, 2005

Cross Stitcher Issue 159

Just read San's Comment on my last entry. I'm still blogging and emailing
away. Got a massive backlog that I'm working through about 400 down 700
still to go! Phew!

Speaking of Winnie the Pooh, what did you think of that cover kit in the
current issue - the Sketched Pooh one - I took one look at it and thought
"YUK"! I can't stand Winnie the Pooh anyway because I've got about 10 of
the sodding free cover kits I've accumulated in the past already to stitch
but this is the first time I've seriously considered just binning a freebie.
It's not even worthy of stash hoarding. Free to a good home? Any Pooh fans
out there that want it?

Fortunately the rest of the magazine by far made up for their poor choice of

  • There's a Margaret Sherry design of a fawn and squirrel called "Woodland
    Friends". The squirrel is really cute, good enough to stitch on his own.
    It's quite a large design for Margaret too.
  • There's a Sheila Hudson design of Cornwall - it could be St Ives - the
    palm trees certainly make it look as if it's in this area. Sheila! stop
    making so many georgeous designs, I'm stitching Venice at the moment and I'm
    falling way behind keeping up with you, there's at least three more that
    have been published of yours in various mags since then that I will now have
    to stitch, and this one is going to be added to that list.
  • The tiger cub cushion - although I probably won't stitch this has got
    the most gorgeous blue eyes and finally the Medieval Lady is lovely
  • The only design in this issue that is a little disappointing is the All
    Our Yesterdays one. I love Faye Whittaker's stuff, but this design just
    seems a bit.... I don't know, Bland?
  • Overall an excellent issue... if you just ignore Pooh!

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    Angelsan said...

    How fun, we wrote a review of CrossStitcher nearly at the same time ! The All our yesterdays is bland indeed, but apparently it's done on purpose to be closer to the watercolour version.

    And I was right that the Cornwall pattern was for you !

    But the funnier is the conclusion: you think it's a good issue, and I barely got interested in the MS squirel !!! ;)