Monday, December 12, 2005

Paradise Island update.

A few bushes since the last photo, but not much progress at all really. I've been distracted since I got my gamecube back again, by Ace Golf!

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Ace Golf is a pretty funky golf game and very well executed. I thought I was getting really good at it, winning all the holes on the first stage, and beating the two computer characters so I can now play with them, although one of them is a french tart called Lorraine and the other is this guy Sonny [left] who wouldn't look out of place in a heavy metal band. He does get really stroppy though when he looses a hole, at one point when I beat this this morning, he got a triple bogey (three over par) and fainted on the green. lol.

I got through to the second stage this morning and well.... I came last in the first professional round I played. Need much more practice to win, but Carnivorous Cat must come first.

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