Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The Smell of Wet Cat

The smell of wet cat is what greeted me at 5:00 am this morning. Jade came back into my bedroom and jumped up onto his brand new pillow on my bed sopping wet - so of course I had to get up and dry him off! Why do cat's insist on going out in the rain?

Anyway it's Wednesday and it's my afternoon off again and I've achieved something - I got the wireless network working on my laptop. Hurray!!

I took it to an Internet Cafe that has a wireless network and let them have a fiddle to see if they could get it connected. The guy behind the counter seemed to have as much luck as I did - but at least he knew more about what he was doing - but he still drew a blank.

Then their 18 yr old trainee arrives back with everyones rolls and sandwiches and finds out the missing key - there's a function button on the keyboard which activates the WAN function! Now why couldn't we see that? DOH! Well I did see the symbol which is (((O))) but I thought it meant speakers or surround sound or something - dopey or what? So now I can turn it the WAN on at home too! ;-)

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