Sunday, October 30, 2005


This picture illustrates why older people need their driving skills continually assessed when they reach a certain age.

This happened last Saturday, it's a shame I didn't get my camera out sooner or I would have captured a fireman reversing this silly little old ladies car out of the alleyway that she'd mistakenly driven down thinking it was a road.

I came across the sight of the alleyway completely blocked by the reversing car. The fireman did a good job of getting it out though and there were only minor scratches on the bumper. I wonder if she had got it jammed in the alleyway as there was no more than about an inches clearance on either side of the car. I wonder how the fireman got in the car to drive it out? He probably had to climb in through a window.

I had to laugh when I saw the car's number plate, the three letters spelled out "DAF" Daft or what?

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