Tuesday, May 31, 2005

The Stitching Slump Continues....

So, we've just had another bank holiday weekend, and how much stitching did I do? Less than about an hours worth. This is terrible!

Mind you: I've done other things, the "weekend" started on Thursday night with yet another date with some guy I've been chatting to on the internet since January. No attraction there [sadly] and he drove a red ford escort with a dodgy tail light.

Friday night was a little better, went for a meal with Hayley after work. Had a good time, a few drinks. Hit my head on a beam in a pub! Well I'm only 5' 3" so usually I don't have to watch out for these things so bonk! The ironic thing is that it's the second time I've hit this same beam. Fortunately it's well padded! lol!

Ended up in yet another pub where Hayley introduced me to one of the office's former clients and his ever so geeky brother. You thought I was bad in the geek states? Hayley left when her parents came to pick her up at 11, so I went clubbing with the former client and this strange (old) guy from Exeter who kept grabbing my ass. The geeky brother had gone home. What a shame - I don't supposed he'd ever been to a nightclub. Don't know what happened to the Exeter guy though, he kind of disappeared when we entered the nightclub. The other guy stayed with me all night in the club which was quite sweet, even waiting for me outside the ladies, so he didn't lose me on the way out. I remember having a drunken arguement with him in Bread Street after leaving the nightclub about whether he was in a fit state to walk me home after fluffing the sobriety test three times in a row! Nevertheless, I arrived home safely and was up again about 9:30 on Saturday.

Got myself up - and out and went for breakfast in the Weatherspoons to intake much coffee and try to head off the hung over feeling. From the Weatherspoons' I went to the First Choice travel agents in a last ditch stand to book a holiday. You know, it is so frustrating being in a travel agents' and knowing that with the resources of the internet I can do a much better (and cheaper) job of searching for a holiday, and I also have far more resources at hand. Do you know that they don't even have a true internet connection in there? Sheesh! In the end they found the sort of holiday I wanted, but about £200 over my budget but one of the holidays they found didn't even have a picture in the brochure. So I went home to do a little research and found out that all of the all inclusive holidays they had found in Majorca had gotten bad reviews, so I struck out again. Did a little more research (well Holiday surfing) before I had to stop to get ready to go out on another date with Mr X Client.

How did it go? Well as a date, it was ok, we had fun. But I seriously doubt that he's the one for me. I need a little more sophistication in a man. This guy is the traditional Cornish Yokel: which makes him very very sweet, but the sad thing is we have nothing in common to talk about. We went to the Isobar because he'd never ever been in there - how innocent is that? - and then he dropped me off home in a taxi.

Actually the highlight of the night after I started flagging at 12:30 am in the Isobar was standing in the taxi queue singing along to the tunes on my Ipod with a strange guy in his 40s..... very badly .... and very loudly.... at 1 AM singing.... Cliff Richard's "Summer Holiday". lol he probably appreciated it because he was an Emmet (what the Cornish call the Tourists). The bad singing continued all the way home in the taxi with Mr X Client, surprisingly, the driver did not throw us out. ;-)

So I'm home at 1:30 and wide awake and hunking for some intelligent male company... and Dr Daniel Jackson won out. I started watching some Stargate Episodes on DVD.

And then I was struck by a realisation.... My boss is Jack O Neil. The same irrelevant attitude .... the same reverance for authority..... the same twatisms. And the truth is that if they can actually be bothered to do something, then they can be completely brilliant, but most of the time they can't be bothered. They even have similar catchphrases Jack's is "for crying out loud", while the twat always says "it's all f****** bo*****".

Sunday morning I cycled to Marazion, singing along to my Ipod along the coastal causeway cyle path had an hour or so laying in my "grassy knoll" spot before it clouded over so I headed back to Penzance and lunch at my favourite pub. Lunch and two pints just about killed me off after the busy weekend I've had, so I was all fit to take a nap when I got home, but ended up watching Junior with Arnie on TV before I finally succombed to two hours sleep, before I woke up at 8:00 for a few hours of Dark Angel on DVD before I went to sleep properly at 11:30.

And Bank Holiday Monday? Well, I woke up, spent an hour or two holiday surfing, then took my laptop out into the garden (wireless networks are great here) surfing and sunbathing, who can beat that? and continued holiday surfin' until the battery started to die. I came in, had some lunch and continued on my pointless quest. Still can't find anything within my budget, at least not flying from Exeter. GRRR a whole day wasted. I feel cheated somehow..... and still no stitching done.

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cheryl said...

wow sounds like you had a fun break!!!! It seems to me that maybe the break from stitching isnt a bad thing... coz, if you are anything like me, the stitching bug comes back, in overdrive!!!

Not sure about the old bloke, but singing along to your ippy sounds cool to me!

hope you are ok (and that all hangovers have ceased, LOL!)