Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Sprained Stitcher

On Bank Holiday Monday I went to Gwithian Beach to try and get a little more sun. There were gaps in the clouds, but mostly it was clouded over again. It was very windy on the Towans (the huge sand dune hilltops), but down on the beach you are sheltered from the wind by the cliffs and the rocks so it was quite nice down there with just the occasional breeze.

I did some stitching on Venice while I was there. I'm getting near the end of this now (I took a progress pic and posted that on my blog this morning). I decided to eat the prawns that I had packed as a packed lunch about 3 o clock. They still had their shells on so by the time I'd finished with them my hands were all fishy, so I decided to go and wash them in the sea. Bad idea. I slipped off the bottom of the rocks and landed half on the rocks and half on the sand and of course on my ass (again). As I came down I put my hand out to stop my fall and heard a "snap" sound. Ooops. So that's how I sprained my wrist.

It's not too bad though now, I've had a support bandage on today and while I can't lift anything heavy, (I can't even use the stapler using it), I can still just about stitch.

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