Thursday, May 05, 2005

Culture Questions

I found this on Renee's German blog, who got the original idea from Cathy.... but here's the Cornish version.

What is (roughly) your daily schedule?
My alarm is set for 7:30, I rarely get up when it goes off though, just lay there for about half an hour hitting the snooze button or acutally listening to Pirate FM. I get up, get myself washed and dressed and then walk to work. I'm there usually after my scheduled leaving time of 5:30 only leaving sometimes to make sure that I get to the post box before the postman empties it at 6. When I get home I usually settle in, maybe stitching or relaxing with a drink and watch soaps, or my growing DVD box set collection. I'm working through Roswell at the moment.

What time does work begin? What time does it end?
I work from 9:00 to 5:30. Work is only about 10 minutes walk away so I can roll out of bed at about 8:30 if I have to and usually do after a heavy night the night before.

How about meal times?
I usually skip breakfast, make myself a healthy salad for lunch at work and then ruin everything by snacking out with junk food in the evening. Crisps have always been my biggest diet downfall.
Does your country go in for the afternoon rest time?
No. No siesta's here, unless you count the Cornish standing in the streets eating their pasties!

What is the predominate language spoken in your country? Are many people bi-lingual?
Can you believe that I never knew that Cornish is an actual language. I remember seeing signs in a strange language in the Weatherspoon's pub pointing out the toilets and the non-smoking areas and I thought they were in Welsh! lol. Most people don't speak Cornish though. The born and bread traditional Cornish people who can actually speak the language are a dying breed. Most of us are Emmets (non-Cornish people who have come to live here from elsewhere) and have never even heard of it.

What sports are popular in your country?
Well, if we are talking Cornwall here, it's got to be Fishing, as Newlyn is the biggest fishing port in the UK. As well as gig-racing, rugby and of course football. But then football is popular just about everywhere in the uk.

Are there supermarkets where you live?
Within walking distance there are 4 - yes 4 - Coops. Not that I particularly like the Coop, they are overpriced, but as I have to walk past three of them on my way home I have to admit that they are convenient. There is also a Lidl on the seafront, and just out of town there is a Tescos (where I usually do the mainstay of my shopping) and also a Morrisons - formerly Safeways. Actually it still says Safeways when you drive past (- they haven't got around to changing the sign yet since the takeover).

Who are the real-life heros in your country?
I don't know of any Cornish heros - except maybe Ellen MacArthur - the woman from Falmouth who single-handedly sailed around the world. Bad Tsunami Joke Alert: Ellen MacArthur wasn't the first past the finish line - she was beaten by a Sri-Lankan fisher man on a log.

Is there a day you celebrate your country? What is the celebration like?
I posted recently about Trevithick Day in Camborne last weekend. Next weekend is Flora Day in Helston, which I'm going to. Later in June there's some sort of WWII celebrations in Penzance and then there's the Newlyn Fish Festival in July or August. I'll let you know what the others are like on this blog.

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