Friday, September 09, 2005

Stitching Blogger's Question of the Week: Which Way Do You Stitch?

Which way do you stitch (/// and then \\\ or \\\ and then ///)? Can you (or if you haven't done it before, do you think you could) change the way that you stitch temporarily if it is asked of you?

I stitch \\\ /// row by row if I'm doing a big section, or alternatively if it's just odd dotted stitches I stitch both legs one after the other.

I'm not comfortable trying to stitch the other way. When I picked up my Aunt's Elephant project to finish for her I found I had a problem; for I discovered that Jean stitched the opposite way to me, and even though I did try to adapt my style and stitch her way, when I stopped concentrating on it I just fell back into my regular stitching routine and stitched my regular way. When I look at that project now I can tell which part I stitched and which part she stitched because of the difference in the stitching styles. I guess this is a good thing because it's one way that I can remember her.

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