Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Solo the Cat - SBRR (Kiwi Jo's Fabric)

Solo the Cat. Work in Progress Shot 1.

I've been working on this for about 10 days now off and on. This is stitched on Kiwi Jo's 28 Count Blue Joblean fabric for the Stitching Blogger's RR.

The theme of the RR is spring - and while this isn't exactly a spring-like design - it does have a very fresh feel about it - and Solo is froliking in a flower bed. Jo liked the design anyway - so I'm stitching him anyway.

The next mailing date is not until the end of November so I've got over a month to finish him off. I'm sure I'll be finished in plenty of time. He's a really easy stitch. It's also a treat to go back to 28 count over the 32 count I've been working the Mermaid Queen on. 32 count seems so tight compared to this loose as a goose 28 count Joblean.

I've not posted any personal stuff on here for a while - so I guess I'm due.

Had quite a good weekend last week, for the first time in my life I actually went and watched a Rugby Match up at Redruth. I thought I would be bored silly, but I wasn't. It was quite amusing watching a load of men hug one another and then faff about and drop the ball all over the place, occasionally kicking it over the H and over the top of the stadium. The home team won over a team from Barking. I guess I should have been routing for Barking, as this ain't far (globally speaking) from my old stomping grounds back in Kent (Surrey is just the next county over afterall), but what the hell. I didn't really care who won, I just hoped that the players would start a good punch up!

I have to comment about the Gents toilets at Redruth's Rugby Ground. Not that I went in them of course, but they don't have toilets or urinals in the strictest sense. All these old blokes were disappearing behind a wall, and that was the "Gents": just a wall to hide their modesty while they peed into a trough in the ground. How grose! I had to laugh though - I've never seen anything so crude - even that old outside toilet in 'Allo 'Allo offered more shelter!

On Sunday I ventured to the outskirts of Camborne for Sunday Lunch. I had returned to the Old Shire Inn. I feasted there about 7 years ago while I was down in Cornwall for the Eclipse in 1999. Since then, the Shire has haunted my memories by cooking the best Roast Beef I have ever tasted. I have not been back there since then in case the experience was spoiled by a bad meal, but last Sunday's beef was just as good as ever. Whew!


Kiwi Jo said...

It looks great Vash! I LOVE rugby!

Lili said...

Your solo the cat looks very cute! Did you use Anchor threads, or convert into DMC?