Monday, November 21, 2005

Strange Cravings

Jade made a big fuss of me when I came home this evening, I was trying to figure out what he wanted. I opened a bottle of cream soda, and it fizzed up a bit at first dribbling out the top of the bottle and down the side. The next thing I know, Jade is licking the bottle, so I poured him a glass of his own. Yes dear readers, my cat was drinking CREAM SODA!!! lol


siouxsiesweets said...

i didnt comment on you mermaid i just wanted to say its beautiful, and cream soda for the cat, i havent tried that with mine yet, just make sure Jade stays on the cream soda and not the stonger stuff!!

siouxsiesweets said...

i meant to say your mermaid, sorry :)

natty68 said...

Ok, strange Our Ollie demands cheese when we are making a cheese sandwich, and if we open a bag of crisps he comes running for some..

Cats are strange

And love your mermaid too :)

Chris said...

Your mermaid is gorgeous congratulations!

We had a cat once that loved melons of all types, especially cantalopes. We also have one who loves tabasco and all types of hot sauce. Cats can be strange can't they?

Renee said...

All of my cats seem to have strange food cravings, but my favorite is Scooter's. He just loves strawberries! :)

By the way, the mermaid is gorgeous!

Lelia said...

Cats do the strangest things. Your mermaid is lovely!