Thursday, June 30, 2005

Stitching Bloggers RR - Stash Acquistion

I also ordered my fabric today for the Stitching Bloggers RR. I'm getting some more Reflections from Silkweaver. Believe it or not, despite my growing Silkweaver stash I didn't have a piece big enough for the robin!! I ordered "Lavender Diamonds" which is on sale at the moment. I had to get such a large 27 x 36" piece because the cats are all different sizes and while most of them are about an average of 70 x 70 stitches, an ideal size for a round robin, two of them have rather large hats (92 stitches high for the ginger floral one and 87 stitches wide for the grey cat with the pink hat with the large brim), so I've had to allow enough fabric for 95 x 90 stitch robin blocks.

The other cat which I'm going to stitch myself is Daffodil:

My mother stitched this cat when I did the Cats in the Hats RR before. I always wanted to stitch this cat myself as he reminded me of "Bugs" - a naughty ginger cat I once owned.

BugsThese other Cats in Hats designs were also by Pamela Kellogg. It was only after I posted pictures of this finished and framed RR on the Pam Kellogg bulletin board and the designer had personally admired it that she told me about the other Cats in Hats designs that she'd done which were secreted away on Patterns online. They were not well advertised and if Pamela hadn't told me exactly where to find them I'd still probably never know that they even existed which would have been a real loss and this RR theme would never be stitched.


Dawn said...

I can't wait to start stitching on your RR. I'm jealous because I think I like your choice better than what I picked.

Amajenda said...

Stitching bloggers is this a group I do need info

Love Jayne x